The Summer '22 Tour Benefit Tee & Print

What began with a simple question - how can we do more? - quickly evolved into a incredible collaboration between bands, makers and returning citizens.

For their Summer Tour '22, O.A.R., Dispatch and G.Love have pledged to donate $1 of each ticket sold to EMI (Ending Mass Incarceration). And, on top of that they will be donating 100% of the proceeds of this limited edition collab t-shirt and signed print to charity!

Good things happen when good people get together!

  • Collab Benefit T-Shirt

    Collab tee featuring O.A.R., Dispatch & G.Love will be available at the merch tent at all summer shows and now available for sale online!

  • Signed Collab Benefit Print

    This limited edition print signed by members of Dispatch, O.A.R. + G.Love will be available at all summer shows and now available online!

THE CAUSE: Ending Mass Incarceration

Why ending mass incarceration?

Because the racial, economic and social impacts of incarceration in the United States are devastating.

Because 1 out of every 3 black boys and 1 out of 6 Latino boys can expect prison in their future.

Because every year 650,000 prisoners are released with the deck stacked against them.

Because the US spends over $80 billion a year on prisons.

Because we can imagine a world where people are treated equally and when mistakes are made, second chances are given.

That is why we are baneded together in support of EMI, a Multifaith Initiative dedicated to ending mass incarceration on the local and national level.

Learn more about EMI